Leo du Feu

from woodland to shore

a dove and a swan early Autumn in Burnham Beeches woodland sketching bonfire and a barn owl
a winter gathering the tower a place to watch from the edge of the forest
a woodland walk at the castle gate Clunys Cage (Kidnapped, chapter 23) woodland retreat
a place to shelter a day of bonfires the night hunter a place to hide (Kidnapped, chapter 20)
the watchman the fountain a discovered world - 1 forest clearing
Brodgar stones porthole window, Skaill House after the shipwreck (Kidnapped, chapter 13)
Troglodytes troglodytes Tyto alba a discovered world - 2 the Brig o Balgownie
view south with hare, from Sanna Bay the sentinel oystercatcher on Lewis watching for ships
the Old Man of Hoy passing the island sea watching a walk at Sanna, looking to Muck
gathering storm, from Donmouth gathering dark
stones on Lewis the cloud by the Glendrian Caves, a view to Rum morning light, morning flight